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After you record your podcast, let us take care of the rest from editing your audio
file, add in the intro & outro music, and publish it to your platform


Our Professional Design Process

In search of a professional eBook cover design that snags attention? Maybe you are interested in a print-book cover design… In either case, here is our design process…

1. Select a Package

Click "Start Your Cover Now" and choose a package. Once you choose a package go through the checkout process


During the order process you can complete our short form so that way we know which book design fits your book best


Give us a few days and then be prepared to review your eBook cover. During this time we want your feedback of what you like and don't like


We continue making tweaks and changes to your book cover until you are happy. Once approved, we will send you the final files for your book

or let's talk... Just call us at
1-888-359-6454 and leave us a quick voicemail

Have a few questions or ready to get started?

or let's talk... Just call us at
1-888-359-6454 and leave us a quick voicemail

What Our Customers Say...

Gerald Freeman

Gerald Freeman

Kampsville, IL

I was feeling stuck, I knew my channel needed a change but didn’t know where to begin, so the video acorn guys gave me tons

Glen Harman

Glen Harman

Holden, MO

I love working with the podcastcolor team! Their podcast services are the best I’ve found, very professional and fast. Highly recommended!

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Ready to Start Your Podcast Cover Art?

Are you looking for a professional podcast cover design that grabs attention? We can help your podcast stand-out with a custom podcast show cover. See our podcast cover art packages below to get started.


$ 0

Includes high-quality JPG and PNG format with 3 revisions


$ 0

Includes all files including original editable source files and unlimited versions and revisions

Have a few questions or ready to get started?

or let's talk... Just call us at
1-888-359-6454 and leave us a quick voicemail

Our 100% Guarantee

We take pride in the quality of our work and stand behind our services with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 

We want you to be delighted and happy with our work. If you don’t like something, we will work with you to make it right, or we will refund your money.

Why Choose Us to Design Your Podcast Cover?

Whether you are looking for a simple website, one that you can manage yourself, or a custom solution, we have packages that can be customized to suit your needs.

Unlimited Designs

If you don't want limitations for your podcast cover, choose our premium package and you will not have any limitations on designs and variations.

Unlimited Revisions

Once you select your primary design, we can tweak it and customize it as needed. There are no limits on our premium package.

Free 3D Mock-ups

Do you want a 3D version of your podcast cover? We can create it on top of a table top or a mockup on a phone so that you can use it inside other marketing material.

No Fees for Stock Images

All of the images that we use are free to use or specifically purchased for you. You don't have to worry about any additional image fees and costs.

High Resolution

Your podcast cover comes in high-resolution regardless of which package you choose ready to upload to itunes or any other platform.

Keep All Rights + Profits

Just because we designed your podcast cover, doesn't, doesn't mean we take any profits from your sales. All the rights and profits are retained by you.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Not happy with your podcast cover? We strive to have a 100% satisfaction! Tell us what the issue is and we will try to make it right! If you still aren't happy, ask us for your money back and we will give you a full-refund!

First Concept in 7 Days

Over 90% of our customers get their first initial design concepts within 7 business days

Ready to get a cover for your podcast?

Answering Common Questions

Here are the answers to your most commonly asked questions…

At the beginning of our relationship, it would be helpful to understand the aesthetics you are aiming for, niche you are in, designs you like, and the title of the video.


Any additional you wish to include such as photos, icons, or logos should be included as well.

What is the typical turnaround time for a YouTube thumbnail to get designed?

Our goal is to get designs to you in 48 hours.

Once we have a relationship where we’ve worked with you for a few weeks, we will get an idea of your flow, timing, and requirements.

How many designs or revisions do I get?

If you have unused designs at the end of the billing period they DO NOT roll over to the next month.

For example: If you signed up for the Professional Package (15 thumbnails requests/month) on September 10th and you have 1 unused thumbnail request on October 9th and the plan renews the next day, that one remaining request does not get added to your total designs. Your total requests would still be 15 when the plan renews. 

Can I use the podcast cover on my website or other mediums?

When you receive your design order, one of three things will happen.

  • If you love the design, let us know and we’ll close out the task.
  • If you like it but would like to see us make a few changes to it, just reply back and we will make the changes and adjustments!
  • If we missed the mark and you need us to start over, then we can do that as well. If this happened, then it would be good to know of what went wrong, what you don’t like and some examples of designs you like.
How do we communicate to get the work done?

We do our communications mainly through email or our ticket system. This allows us to keep track of all the changes.

If you prefer to communicate another way, we are open to suggestions depending on the amount of tasks we are processing for you.

How do you deliver the final files?

We typically upload it file storage location at one of the following sites and it is available to download for up-to 30 days.

If you miss the window or need the files again, just contact us and we can reupload it to you. We typically keep the files for up-to 1 year period.

How can I send you the files?

You can send us the files directly by email. However, if files are larger than 5MB we recommend a file storage like the following: 


What if I am not happy with the end result?

The number of thumbnails would depend on how difficult the edits are to your thumbnails along with if we are hitting the mark on your items each time.

If you have a large list, we can put the list in our queue and do one at a time. Once we complete one, we can move on to the next one.

If you have a lot of thumbnails and simple edits, you can probably get more thumbnails completed. But if you have designs that require a lot of editing and communication time, this may reduce the number of thumbnails since communicating back and forth reduces our design time.

We try our best to knock things out of the park for you and get things done quickly, but it depends on your requirements.

The upside to the unlimited plan is we put a priority to high-demand clients and do design work on the weekends.